Honeywell DVR

There is a wide variety of DVRs that come from Honeywell.

Honeywell DVR Honeywell DVR Honeywell DVR

Honeywell DVR

There is a wide variety of DVRs that come from Honeywell. Depending on the likes and preference of the buyer, there are a wide range of DVRs from which one can pick. The HRDP (DVR) is one of the latest DVR available from Honeywell. This incredible machine uses H.264 video compression, which is good news to many users.

One of the main strengths of this DVR is the fact that it comes to the user with numerous end features that set it apart from the other DVRs in the market. Moreover, it comes at a customer friendly price that will allow many to get one for themselves and not get left out. It also allows the user remote viewing from the comfort of their personal computers. With the DVR, the user can easily record any thing as well as to be able to download videos to a CD, DVD or any other portable memory device including flash discs.

To save disc space, the user can configure the DVR (HRPD) so as to record motion detection at a rate of about 200 IPS, which is of high quality. Using a PC or web browser, remove viewing is made possible and privileges can be set up with which information can only be accessed by individuals who have authority. That is to mean that unauthorized individuals can not access the remote viewing. The content is therefore safe and only restricted to the user and other authorized individuals.

The device is best suited for small to the medium sized businesses including those in retail and educational facilities. This will be a much convenient piece of equipment that will allow viewing and recording of images as well as videos from a remote location. For a business owner and top directors, this would be one of the best means through which they can actually keep an eye on their business as well as on the employees. Moreover, in case of certain events that need to be reviewed, the search feature is always available for easy, simple tracking.

This DVR is also available in three ways being, 4, 8 and 16 as well as 4 audio inputs. With the triple operation, the user can not loose any recording even in cases where the client is retrieving the video through inbuilt DVD burner as well as 2 USB ports. Using the mouse, it becomes much easier to navigate both the PTZ and menu control over the camera, which is done through several default protocols contained in the unit.

The embedded Linux platform provides both security and stability whereas the S.M.A.R.T SELF DIAGNOSES, the DVR is always monitoring as well as reporting any occurrence that seem to show discrepancies or faults likely to arise. The end user can therefore remain with a sense of security and stability with HRDP.

In addition on this model, there are other models of DVR that one can choose including;

Honeywell security HRE16A40D1T0,

Honeywell security HF 43240R8T0A ,